Migori County Government is dedicated to ensure that the county is well managed and delivers responsive, efficient, effective and quality services to the public. It is on this basis that recently, it signed a performance contract with its workers that will ensure social and economic development that involves effective participation of the people and the provision of proximate, easily accessible services within the county.

This Performance Contract was entered into between the County Government of Migori represented by His Excellency Zachary Okoth Obado together with its assignees and successor of the one part, and the County Executive Committee Member – County Public Service Management and Administration, Mrs Sheila Gati together with its assignees and successors on the other part.

This contract represents the basis for continuous improvement of the county performance to meet the needs and expectations of the people; it shall run for a period of 12 months from 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2016.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To enhance County Public Service employees capacity to cope with emerging challenges;
  2. To enhance efficiency and accessibility of the services offered by the County Public service;
  • To enhance social security for poverty reduction at retirement age for public servants; and
  1. To create an ethical public service that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the County Government employees.

Commitments and Responsibilities of the County Executive Committee Member – County Public Service Management and Administration

  1. Ensuring that systems are established for equality for all users of public services;
  2. Ensuring impartiality and fairness in the process of delivery of public services;
  3. Ensuring promotion of National Cohesion and National Values;
  4. Ensuring continuity of public services under all circumstances;
  5. Establishing systems to enable innovativeness and adaptability of public services to the needs of the users;
  6. Ensuring professionalism and ethics in Public Service is achieved and maintained;
  7. Establishing systems to ensure promotion and protection of rights of users of public services and public servants as enshrined in the Bill of Rights;
  8. Institutionalizing a culture of accountability, integrity, transparency and promotion of values and principles of public service;
  9. Ensuring a corruption free public service;
  10. Ensuring effective, efficient and responsible use of public resources; and
  11. Ensuring responsiveness by public servants in delivery of public services.

Commitments and Obligations of the County Government

  • Ensuring Resources are available for the achievement of the agreed Performance Targets;
  • Review county integrated development plan (CIDP), which should be anchored, on National policies and plans such as Medium Term Plan (MTP II) and Vision 2030;
  • Establish and operationalise service delivery, financial and related management systems for the county;
  • Establish a culture of service and accountability in the county public service, including working styles, attitudes and work ethics;
  • Ensure that public officers suspected of corrupt practices step down to allow room for investigations; and
  • Ensure Citizens participation in the evaluation of the performance of the county government.


County Executive Committee Member is required to submit quarterly performance reports to the Office of the Governor for monitoring progress, and annual reports for evaluation of performance.

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