PSM Holds a Successful 5th Migori County Dialogue Forum

Meaningful citizen participation in governance is a key ingredient for public reforms that were instituted by the Constitution of Kenya (CoK) 2010. Article 1 (1) of the Constitution vests all sovereign power to the people of Kenya. This power can be expressed through direct participation or indirectly through elected representatives. In addition, various pieces of legislations anchoring devolution highlight the principles of citizen participation. Together, these constitutional and legislative provisions avail various platforms for citizen participation in devolved governance.

Citizen participation in the governance process is achieved by having a diverse public participate in development at the county and the national level in a genuine and tangible manner.
Towards this end, the County Government of Migori under the Public Service Management (PSM) held a successful 5th Migori County Dialogue Forum on 26th February 2018 at the Heritage Annex, Migori. The dialogue forum was a curtain raiser to this year’s Devolution Conference which shall be held on 24th April 2018.
The Migori County Dialogue Forum was organized with the intention of getting and listening to the views of Migori residents towards what they expect in the devolution conference.
Speaking at the event, Hon. Sheila Ghati, the CECM for Public Service Management and Administration said;
“This County Dialogue focuses on Health, Agriculture, Trade & Manufacturing, and Infrastructure, Urban Planning & Development and provides the residents of Migori with a platform to share and explain how devolution has transformed their lives.”
The forum brought together county residents from all the 8 sub-counties of Migori, county leaders-including the County Executive, County Executive Committee Members, Chief Officers, County Directors, civil societies, persons with disabilities, private sector and other non-state actors in the spirit of dialogue, to take into account the people’s views on governance. The feedback and outcomes from the forum were recorded and are expected to feed into the conversation that will take place on 24 to 27 April 2018.
The planning, strategy and collaboration for the forum was organized by the PSM department who provided a platform for advocacy, inter-county liaisons, and resource mobilization; the Ministry of Devolution and Planning came in as the duty bearer for the coordination of intergovernmental relations; Community Based Organizations/Civil Society Organizations/Faith Bases Organizations promoted engagement and participation of citizens to participate in the forum.
Increased alignment of county development priorities to resource endowments, enhanced inter-county and intergovernmental collaboration, better visibility of high impact county initiatives and public awareness on devolution were some of the outcomes from the dialogue forum.


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