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Strategic Plan 2014-2017


The Constitution of Kenya 2010 heralded one of the best and most comprehensive bill of rights in Africa, in particular article 41(1) that guarantees every person the right to fair labour practices.

In line with this, the County Government Act 2012 requires every County Public Service Management department to develop a strategic plan that is linked to the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) and Public Service Commission’s Draft Strategic Plan 2013-2018 in order to ensure quality service delivery to the people.

This plan will help in enhancing efficiency and effectiveness of resource mobilization and management to achieve the highest attainable standards.

The development process of this plan was participatory, including key stake holders such as Members of Parliament, Members of the County Assembly, County inter-departmental committee, the county public service management teams and finally subjected to stakeholders’ forum for discussion and validation.

Most importantly I do express my most profound gratitude to His Excellency the Governor of Migori County for his overall leadership and input in the whole process.

Finally I wish to appreciate the enormous contributions made by the Migori public service management team led by the Chief Officer Public Service Management and Administration for Providing leadership and logistical support, the planning team, our partners and all stake holders or their hard work, dedication and sacrifice they made in this process.

I am certain that the implementation of this pioneer strategic plan will provide a road map for efficient and effective delivery services and ensure that Migori County Government meets its constitutional mandate.


County Executive Committee Member

Public Service Management and Administration

iii Strategic Plan 2014-2017


Migori Public Service Management Department acknowledges the various individuals and organizations that assisted during the development of this strategic plan 2013-2017.

This plan would not have been complete without the participation from different stakeholders and partners. All staff of the department provided invaluable insight, helpful support and suggestions, special thanks to the County Government through His Excellency the Governor, CEC Public Service, the planning team led by the Director of Economic Planning and the Public Service Management team led by the Director Public Service Management and Administration.

Finally I wish to appreciate all our development partners, the Sub-County Administrators, the Ward Administrators and the Office of the County Commissioner for their support and commitment that enabled successful production of the document.

This strategic Plan will help in enhancing quality service delivery to the people of Migori County in accordance with County’s Vision, Mission and Core Values, the public Service management policy framework.

It also aims at promoting the values and principles of Public Service referred to in article 232 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 throughout the County Public Service.


Chief Officer

Public Service Management and Administration

Strategic Plan 2014-2017 IV


The County Government of Migori is committed to the provision of the highest standards of public service to its people as per the constitution of Kenya 2010. Public service management is one of the County Governments core responsibilities and is considered as the foundation for accelerated county development as articulated in the County Integrated Development Plan. To realize this, the County Public service management has responded by institutionalizing planning to achieve the desired goals of effective and efficient service delivery. The County public service strategic plan is linked to the County Integrated Development Plan, Vision 2030 and the Constitution of Kenya 2010.

This plan is anchored on three main strategic pillars; the first pillar emphasizes on Human Resource Development and Planning aimed at building sufficient capacity, team and institutional performance. The second pillar is the transformation in service delivery in the county public service aimed at undertaking reforms that will facilitate development and optimum utilization of Human resources for improved service delivery.

The third pillar is social protection meant to promote decent and productive work environment as a key component of development strategy by focusing on employee rights at workplace, productive employment, social protection after retirement and effective representation.

This plan outlines the background information of the county public service including the mandate, Vision, Mission and Core Values in chapter one. The plan focuses on the analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the anticipated threats, staff establishment and the

organizational hierarchy, risk management, stakeholders/partnerships, and PESTEL within the public service management in chapter two.

Chapter three discusses the challenges and the emerging issue like inadequate use of ICT and overall limitation of resources. Chapter four outlines the key strategic intervention that forms the backbone of this plan.

Chapter five addresses policies, legal and institutional reforms such as gender, HIV/AIDS and disability issues. Chapter six provide for the implementation matrices including budgets and time lines. Finally chapter v Strategic Plan 2014-2017, seven provide the frame work for Monitoring and Evaluation.

In conclusion this plan encompasses critical public service management interventions applicable to all county public service management stakeholders during the planned period to ensure better service delivery for the people of Migori County. It is envisaged that the implementation of this plan will contribute to the attainment of a nationally compet


Human resource development is one of the foundations of the Kenya vision 2030.As a foundation; it is intended to create a globally competitive and adaptive human resource base to meet the requirements of a rapidly industrializing economy. The key to success of any country or county heavily relies in proactive measures to ensure training of human resources in order to respond to changes that are triggered by global economic transformation .Moreover, public service as a component of the foundations of vision 2030 aims to create an efficient, motivated and well trained public service. The intention of the national government is to build a public service that is more citizen-focused and result oriented a process whose achievements so far have received international recognition and awards. As indicated earlier this will be domesticated at the County level

The Kenya Vision 2030 has identified Human Resource Development, Labour and Employment as key contributors to pillar of prosperous, productive and innovative nation. All pillars require a human resource base which is globally competitive and adaptive both in Kenya and Migori County.

The sector’s mandate is to build and manage the capacity of the County Public Service for effective and efficient delivery of services in all the ten sectors of the County Government which include the following; Finance and Economic Planning; Health services; Public service and administration, Trade and regulations; Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Development; Education, Sports, Culture and Youth Affairs; Roads, Public works and transport; Water and Energy; Lands, Housing and Physical planning; Environment and disaster Management.

The scope of the mandate of the sector covers the County Public Service

management and human resource development functions. The sector is responsible for the formulation of labour policies and legislative framework to regulate the administration of human resource policies; development of human resource management systems, structures and procedures in the County Public Service.


Strategic Plan 2014-2017

It is also responsible for human resource management and human resource development in all County Government departments in Migori County.

Migori aspires to be a vibrant and prosperous County .A modern and results- focused public service is a prerequisite for the county’s social-economic transformation as envisaged under Vision 2030. There is no doubt that the County Public Service must play its role well if the aspirations of the county are to be realized. The sector has been identified by both Vision 2030 and the County Integrated Development Plan (2013-2017) as being Key in spearheading county transformation. The role of the sector also involves enhancement of public relations, coordination of public sector reform programs, promotion of community development, Implementation of County policies, promotion of private enterprises and competition, and human resource management and development.

To achieve significant results in economic performance the County has to embrace Results-Based Management and citizen focused public service.

The public service sector reform will aim at placing citizen’s satisfaction

at the heart of policy making and service delivery components such as performance contracting, Rapid Results Initiative, Supportive supervision and Performance appraisal systems.

It will strive to ensure that transparency is maintained in management of the County public resources.



• To build and manage the capacity of the County Public Service for effective and efficient delivery of services,

• To establish and abolish offices in the County public service; and appoint persons to hold or act in those offices, and to confirm appointments;

• To exercise disciplinary control over and remove persons holding or acting in those offices;

 Strategic Plans 2014-2017

• To provide for human resource management and career development;

• To provide for standards to promote ethical conduct and professionalism in county public service;

• To promote the values and principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232 of the Kenya Constitution 2010 throughout the County Public Service;

• To investigate, monitor and evaluate the organizational, administrative and personnel practices of the County Public Service;

• To provide for the organization, staffing and functioning of the county public service in ways that ensure efficient, effective, quality and productive services for the people of the county;

• To address staff shortages and barriers to staff mobility between Migori County and other counties;

• To provide for institutions, systems and mechanisms for human resource utilization and development in a manner that best enhances service delivery by county public service institutions;

• To review and make recommendations to the county government in respect of conditions of service, code of conduct and qualifications of officers in the County Public Service;

• To evaluate and report to the Governor and County Assembly on the extent to which the values and principles referred to in Articles 10 and 232 of the Kenya Constitution 2010 are complied with in the County Public Service; and

• To perform any other functions and exercise any other powers conferred by National and County Legislation.


A leading sector in public policy formulation, implementation, coordination, supervision and prudent resource management

Strategic Plan 2014-2017


To provide leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization and management for quality public service delivery.

 Core Values

Core values are central guiding principles, which are basic and should not be violated in the conduct of the County Public Service business.

They are meant to guide behavior and form the basis of work culture within the County Public Service.

They are chosen to represent what the County Department of Public Service Management and Administration stands for, what drives it, what it believes in, and what directs its decisions, actions and relationships among the staff and clients/ stakeholders in conducting day-to-day operations.

• Impartiality

• Integrity

• Meritocracy

• Fairness

• Respect for the rule of law

• Professionalism

• Team spirit

• Transparency and Accountability

• Equity and Diversity

• Responsiveness

Team Work

We will contribute fully to activities of the County Department of Public Service Management and Administration to address shared challenges through common effort by sharing information and resources to create Strategic Plans 2014-2017

A workplace that fosters consultation and cooperation. We will promote open communication and commitment to public service.


We will practice open, truthful, and timely communication with stakeholders by carefully listening and responding to their concerns and expectations, we seek continuous improvement in our services. We shall seek to meet set deadlines in the provision of our services.


We will demonstrate impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards. We will seek to remain accountable and transparent in all our dealings as we deliver services to the public. We encourage our customers to provide feedback on the quality of services we provide.


Our commitment to excellence will be demonstrated by our continuous improvement through creativity and innovation because we will apply and maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and standards as we provide services to the public. We will remain non-partisan while adhering to work ethics and meritocracy as we provide services to the public. We will continue to generate new ideas, methods and adapt developments that add value to delivery of public services.


We are committed to provide quality services to every person regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, disability, gender, creed, economic or health status and age. Apart from respecting diversity, we will ensure that all people have equal access to services regardless of their social and economic status.

 Principles of Service Delivery

Guided by the above mentioned core values, the Migori County Public

Service Management shall follow these basic service delivery principles:

Strategic Plan 2014-2017 

• Set clear and explicit standards of service delivery.

• Provide clients with adequate information about the Migori County

Public Service Management services in a straightforward and open manner.

• Communicate clearly and effectively.

• Serve clients with courtesy.

• Place public interest above self-interest in managing conflict of interest.

• Promote meritocracy with due regard to competence, qualifications, experience and suitability.

• Uphold the principles of natural justice in decision making.

• Utilize resources prudently to avoid waste or failure and to sustain best value for taxes and other resources.

• Cultivate continuous improvement of systems and processes by embracing best practices and innovation.

• Embrace monitoring and evaluation to keep track of performance and changing needs of Migori County residents

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