Under Kenya’s Vision 2030 blueprint our country aims to achieve a Middle-Income Economy status by the year 2030. During the Second Medium-Term Plan period we hope to achieve various milestones targetting policies, programmes and individual projects whose delivery is required to accelerate inclusive economic growth, higher living standards, health-care, increased job-creation especially for youth, commercialized agriculture providing higher rural income and affordable food, improved manufacturing sector and more-diversified production of locally-needed implements. For the full achievement of these objectives the county governments are working full-throttle in order to facilitate the effective realization as part of their service-delivery of the social-economic empowerment of Kenyans envisaged in the Fourth-Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya (2010).
One of the most significant changes introduced to Kenya’s national governance framework under the Constitution of Kenya (2010) is the creation of a two-tier system of government, a national government and 47 county governments. Under this system, county governments have been established to promote social and economic development and provision of proximate, easily accessible services throughout Kenya. In addition to the constitution, there are other devolution laws that have been enacted to support the devolution framework for example: County Governments Act(2012), Intergovernmental Relations Act(2012),National Government Coordination Act(2013), Public Finance Management Act(2012), Basic Education Act (2013), Transition to devolved Government Act (2013) , Urban areas and cities Act (2011), inter alia.
The Constitution and many of these laws require the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) as the key process in enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of budget funds and the mechanism for achieving the county’s mandate under the Constitution of Kenya, 2010.
It is now three years since the governor took the oath-of-office after the March 4th 2013 elections. Visionary and full of promise to implement the new constitution and deliver on his promises to the citizenry via his manifesto to the electorate, the governor took office on March 27th, 2013, which marked a new dawn of a devolved system of governance for the county.
In the last two financial years (2013/14 and 2014/15) in the medium term, the County government of Migori has rolled out numerous development programmes, projects and policies aimed at facilitating a steady socio-economic development in conformity with the national blueprint , Vision 2030.

The governor has capitalised on the county’s strengths in developing key sectors like transport, energy and infrastructure, Health Service, Education, Sports & Culture, Trade, Tourism, and Industry, Agriculture, Lands and Physical Planning, Environment and Disaster Management, Finance and Economic Planning, as well as Public Service Management among others. Additionally County Cabinet has made numerous partnerships and collaborations to implement projects for the benefit of county citizens whose effectiveness is monitored round the clock y the newly-created Monitoring and Evaluation Department for efficient and socially-economically responsive service-delivery. With such kind of vibrancy the County Government and Migori Country residents will be sure to positively contribute to Kenya’s overall annual GDP figures and also attain its fare share of the SDGs.

Currently there is a nationwide programme organised by Cosmopolitan Media Limited in collaboration with Citizen TV to recognize such gallant efforts by governors and their County Governments according to their project implementation status, public participation in governance, media, public relations and other strategies of service delivery. This creates an opportunity for us to document and showcase our government’s, programmes and policies. We are exceedingly elated to participate in this great endeavour and assure our esteemed County citizens that we are fully engaged in the implementation of the County’s mandate with a heavy tinge of a “business-unusual” mentality and vitality.


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