Vision and Mission

Cort of Arm


To be a leading sector in public policy formulation, implementation, coordination, supervision and prudent resource management.


To provide leadership and policy direction in resource mobilization and management for quality public service deliver.

Strategic Objectives

To enhance County Public Service employees capacity to cope with emerging challenges;

To enhance efficiency and accessibility of the services offered by the County Public service;

To enhance social security for poverty reduction at retirement age for public servants;  and To create an ethical public service that is responsive to the needs and aspirations of the County Government employees.

Commitments and responsibilities of the County Public Service Management and Administration:

Ensure a culture of service and accountability in the county, including working styles, attitudes and work ethics in their respective departments;

Develop Sectoral  plan that is anchored to county integrated development plan;

Ensure that the departments align their roles and responsibilities with the priorities and objectives set out in the County’s policies and plans;

Develop strategic plan/annual work plan which is aligned to the County integrated plan;

Developing comprehensive performance targets;

Assigning weights to performance indicators;

Ensuring achievement of the agreed performance targets;

Ensure progressive realization of the Bill of Rights.